Hairy Henrik




‘Hairy Henrik’ by Jims Baits (SE)

Length body 9 cm  – Total length with tail 34 cm  – Weight dry 80 gram, more when wet. Custom bigtail by OK Beten & Friskytts Beten.

Slow sinking. Type: Tailbait.

Absolute big fish bait!
A 9cm full wooden body, jampacked with rabbit zonker hair, rigged with a bigtail makes this ‘Hairy Henrik’ 34cm long and vibrate from front to back, top to bottom. Just cast, retrieve and do the pauses…. Check out the way it swims in the video below.
The ‘Hairy Henrik’ is standard slowsinking but for extra depth you can add weight at the nose.

So many big fish have been caught with this special handmade ‘Hairy Henrik’ everywhere that it is now considered a huge favorite by the builder and anyone who fished it, especially for catching the big ones!

Since this bait is time consuming to build, these are only made in very low numbers. We are happy to have a limited batch in our shop!

Anecdote: The name ‘Hairy Henrik’ is an ode to the builders dad Henrik and ironically… he is bald 🙂

Advised leader type: all leadertypes

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 2/0 or 3/0.

Check out the action, click on the video below:

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