Sweet 16


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‘Sweet 16’ by Brushed Baits (DE)

Length 16 cm – Weight 105 gram – With BKK trebles

Slow sinking. Type jerkbait.

Slow sinking wooden jerkbait and one of the best catching jerkbait models by Brushed Baits. With a deep belly that flanks and flashes with every jerk, you can fish the ‘Sweet 16’ with short and slow taps of the rod, or use the crank on the reel to make it do its dance.
Thanks to the delicate weighting the ‘Sweet 16’ stays longer in the strikezone on the pause, almost hanging around, before it starts its descent. Often the golden moment for pike to strike this brilliant ‘Sweet 16’.

The ‘Sweet 16’ is a very easy to fish jerkbait and has accounted for all sizes of pikes for all levels of anglers!

All brushed baits have custom glass carbon eyes, a color shifting paintjob and are finished in rock solid layers of epoxy.

Available in a 3 different custom colors.

Will be delivered with BKK trebles as shown in the pictures.
Leader advice: jerkbait leader/ FC/ Titanium (stiff leader preferred).

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